About us

MORANDI is a Ukrainian brand of refined, elegant and high-quality clothing. We create collections from premium fabrics and natural materials, combining them with laconic cuts and restrained styles.

We strive to emphasize the individual and unique style of everyone. That is why our products are chosen by women and men who value comfort, quality and strive to look elegant and at the same time natural.


We love natural fabrics for their strength, wear resistance and incredibly pleasant tactile sensations, so we create things exclusively from them. It doesn’t matter if you lie in bed, where you fall into the arms of gentle linen, or put on a cozy sweater – every centimeter of your skin will enjoy pleasant sensations.

Our production is waste-free. We sew bows and rubber bands from the fabric remnants, which we send as a gift with each clothing order. And for bed linen – a linen bag.

We produce limited edition collections, so the volume of our production does not cause much harm to the planet. We pay maximum attention to each thing and strive to be fair to ourselves, the customer and the Earth, so we produce no more than a few dozen copies of each model and no more than two collections per year. We don’t have sewing according to operations, as in large factories, and each seamstress sews a product from start to finish, filling it with her positive energy.

We adhere to the principles of sustainable fashion. Changes in fashion are a hope for the future, and at the same time we strive to follow the example and wisdom of previous generations. Why not buy less but better, pay attention to quality, be smart about trends, and take care of products? We deliberately sew high-quality basic products for many seasons, but inspired by modern trends.

We create each collection with love and care. And we strive for high-quality, elegant and comfortable things to become your conscious choice and style, not only for your appearance, but also for your whole life.